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Contact CLCA: (240) 994-5956 ndorment@clcautism.org
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Our approach is collaborative and seeks to maintain ongoing and open lines of communication between you, the director, your Family Trainer and all IISS and respite care providers. Relationships thrive on communication and communication requires listening. Understanding your family needs is a priority in our process. Upon contacting CLCA, the director will personally reach out to review your request for services. Through this discovery process we collect as much information as possible from parents in order to find an ideal match with the right skills and expertise. Parents will then interview the candidates to make a final selection and will have the ultimate say of who they want to work with their child. A family trainer/behavior consultant will then meet with your family, assess the needs of your child, and set up a comprehensive developmental and behavioral curriculum program to address individualized needs. An IISS (Intensive Individual Support Services) instructor will be responsible for implementing the programs, tracking progress and attending instructional meetings. CLCA uses a positive approach to learning with ABA/VB (applied behavioral analysis techniques) through: Positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors Breaking down tasks into teachable parts Repetition Consistency Looking through the functions of behaviors Errorless Learning Data Collection Motivation We have learned from experience that not every child fits into a “cookie cutter” program and therefore, we maintain an open mind to all therapies and techniques that may be most beneficial for your child.