CLCA offers the following in-home and community services to our clients: Family Consulting (FC) Services       Who They Are  CLCA family trainers have educational and professional backgrounds in education or health-related fields and consulting and/or experience in Autism Spectrum Disorder.. What They Do Provide one-on-one consulting for parents and guardians to become skilled in techniques and interventions adapted for their child. How They Do It Family consultants meet with the family to assess, organize, write, and implement individualized treatment plans. The skills covered include daily living skills, socialization, behavior management, communication, mobility and money management. The Family Support They Provide Assist in exploring resources and defining the goals of the client to help nurture their individual needs. Provide supervision of CLCA IISS staff working with their families, through direct observation at least once per quarter, or as conditions require. Family Cunsulting is offered to waiver families for 1 to 6 hours per day, and up to a total of 40 hours per calendar year. Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) Who They Are Trained paraprofessionals with a minimum of a high school diploma and a combination of education and/or experience and training providing care for children and young adults with autism or developmental disabilities. What They Do IISS paraprofessionals interact with the client to implement the goals and objectives on the treatment plans, and collect and analyze data to ensure progress on current goals. How They Do It IISS utilize the principles of behavior management through structured support, reinforcement, and modeling techniques. These goals may be delivered at home or in the community. The Family Support They Provide Freedom of time for child or young adult to foster independence with someone else in a caregiver role. Individualized developmental approach to improve skills, communication and the ability to function in their surroundings. IISS is offered to waiver families in 30 minute increments for up to 8 hours a day and a maximum of 25 hours per week. Respite Care        Who They Are   Skilled paraprofessionals who must meet a standard of education and training or   experience providing care for individuals with autism. What They Do Respite Care services include supervision and assistance with daily living activities due        to absence or need for relief for family members and guardians who usually care for the   child or young adult.  How They Do It   CLCA will provide in-home respite care for the family. Respite services can be provided in        the child's home or a community setting.   The Family Support They Provide Freedom of time for child or young adult to foster independence with someone else in a caregiver role. Freedom of time for parents and family members to manage other family or personal needs. Care is provided in the family’s home and/or community giving your child or young adult a safe, familiar environment in which to thrive. Adult Life Planning (ALP) Services        Who They Are             CLCA ALP Practitioners have a Master's and professional backgrounds in                education, and/or Human Services and experience serving adults with  .            autism/developmental disabilities. What They Do ALP practitioners work with families of participants 16 years of age or older, providing support and resources to help the individual transition successfully from in-home support services to independence and community integration after exiting the Waiver.  How They Do It   The ALP practitioner works with each Waiver Participant’s home environment to identify skills related to independence, self-advocacy, self-direction, natural supports, and the adult service system’s employment options.   The Family Support They Provide Assist in exploring and connection family and individual to resources and identifying the participant's strengths and talents to help guide them into the appropriate adult programs and/or employment options ALP is offered to waiver families for 15 hours per calendar year, with a lifetime cap of 45 hours.
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Contact CLCA: (240) 994-5956
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